2023 Zombageddon Paintball Hayride
Welcome to Zombageddon Paintball Hayride in Fredonia PENNSYLVANIA !! We are a family friendly fall event!
Zombie Shooter Pass - $24.00
Ride the tractor drawn zombie battle wagon around Drew Farms and shoot the zombies that DON'T shoot back! Reminder-You will get on your zombie shooter ride sometime within the hour time slot. 
Ride ALONG - $12.00
This is just to ride along and watch. You will NOT be shooting zombies, you will just be able to ride along and watch the fun unfold.
Extra 125 Paintballs - $10.00
Gel Blaster Zombie Training course - $5.00
Zap ( zombie anaihlation program) training course,, Use our all new Orbie gun gel blasters and shoot at real zombies in a training course, they glow in the dark so you can enjoy taking out the zombies !! 
Go to the New Registration booth  to check in and get your wristband!!  *Reminder: tickets are  hour time slot, you will get on the ride sometime within your hour that you purchased* Located in FREDONIA PENNSYLVANIA not NEW YORK!


356 Bower Road
Fredonia, PA 16124



Drew Farms

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